Sex doll customers heap praise on groundbreaking transgender model

Sex doll customers are experimenting with groundbreaking transgender models, the Daily Star can reveal.

One randy punter decided to kit out his DS Doll Ex-Lite model with a silicone penis.

They shared their findings and experience on forum Our Doll Community with other sex doll aficionados.

The customer wrote: “Once there, it [the penis] wants to fall forward, leaving a small gap between it and the body of the doll.”

While the kit is designed specifically for the DS Ex-Lite doll, they seem confident it would work on other models.

They continued: “The DS kit has the bonus of two inserts, and being in proportion to the doll. Not to mention being a perfect fit!”

DS Dolls sells its products across the world and is owned by Cloud Climax, which offers a range of sex toys and is known for “all things adult”.

Its website reads: “ We are catalytic in making sex doll ownership become as normal as owning a fleshlight and we never dropship our sex dolls. We are a sex doll specialist.”

Last month, the Daily Star revealed that sex robot customers are attempting to kit out their models with eyes that are capable of facial recognition.

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While they have previously been touted by sex robot manufacturers, dolls with these kinds of technological capabilities are not yet available on the market.

To get around this, one punter revealed they want to accessorise a model with WiFi glasses on forum Our Doll Community.

The products contain tiny cameras which are capable of hooking up to the internet and live streaming footage.

The user claims the video could be played on a PC with OpenCV library tools – which offer thousands of algorithms to help machines better understand facial expressions and classify human actions.

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A sex robot could supposedly be controlled with the technology and do “exactly what Cozmo can do”.

Cozmo robots, designed for children, are capable of facial recognition and able to imitate certain emotions.

The machines, which contain 1.6 million lines of code, have drawn comparisons to Pixar’s beloved WALL-E character.

Cozmo can pick objects up, play games, and even go to “sleep” by shutting his eyes and snoring loudly.

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