Shanghai residents break out of own homes as dissent over Covid lockdown erupts

Shanghai: Residents break out of home amid extended lockdown

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Images from a video filmed in Shanghai show Chinese residents breaking through metal barriers in protest of China’s zero-tolerance approach to the virus. Several weeks since the beginning of new China’s strict lockdown, Shanghai residents have reported major food and medicine shortage. Some residents claim they have not eaten for days, reports seem to confirm.

The footage shows images of Shanghai residents breaking through metal barriers to break out of a residential building.

The residents, after opening a door heading outdoors, push a series of metal barriers surrounding the building to escape from the building. 

The metal barriers that surround the building appear to be erected to prevent residents from leaving their homes during the strict lockdown that residents are experiencing in response to China’s zero-tolerance approach to covid.

Reports from China have confirmed that over 26 million residents have been under strict lockdown for several weeks in Shanghai.

In light of the strict Chinese government’s measures, residents have reported a major food and medicine shortage, and some Shanghai residents also claimed that due to China’s zero-tolerance covid policy and the full lockdown some of them have not eaten for days. 

The video follows also reports from the Chinese capital Beijing that seem to provide evidence of Beijing residents lining up for food supplies outside grocery stores in response to Beijing authorities’ order to over 3.5 million residents and workers in Chaoyang district to report for three covid tests this week.

Chaoyang represents Beijing’s largest district, and the order comes after the district recorded 26 of Beijing’s overall 47 symptomatic cases since Friday.

Further reports seem also to confirm that due to covid cases rise and China’s no-tolerance approach, more than a dozen residential buildings in Chaoyang have been put under lockdown.

The city’s Communist party head Car Qi said: “Chaoyang district is now the topmost focus for pandemic prevention”.

Following cases in Chaoyang district, China has reported 3,266 symptomatic cases and 20,454 asymptomatic ones. 

Despite the strict measures already in place in Shanghai, authorities have confirmed that the government will be tightening the enforcement of lockdown rules.


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The Chinese government has claimed that new measures against the Covid outbreak in the city will include placing alarms on residents’ doors to prevent infected people from leaving their homes.

Officials in Shanghai have also said that all infected residents will be moved to government-run centralised quarantine to allow full control over covid cases.

In light of the no-tolerance Covid policy and the strict lockdown now in place for over four weeks in Shanghai, China market has today recorded its worse day since February 2020. 

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