Sick dad threatened to chop up ex’s boyfriend after texting ‘I’m coming for you’

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A sick dad told his ex that he would dismember her boyfriend and "p*** all over" his chopped up limbs in front of her.

Ryan O'Donnell, 33, launched a tirade of harassment and violent threats in August until November last year.

The abusive campaign followed previous offences he made against his ex-partner in February 2017 and May 2018 when he admitted offences of battery and criminal damage in relation to her and her property.

The family court granted the woman a non-molestation order against him in December 2018 as there were ongoing issues, Leeds Live reports.

Another wave of vile threats came after the family court ordered that the child should not live with O'Donnell in July 2020.

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Leeds Crown Court heard O'Donnell and the woman had started a relationship in 2015 and split up the following year.

O'Donnell messaged his ex's new partner last August, saying: "You better not go near my daughter. I'll come for you."

The couple also received a missed call from O'Donnell followed by a message saying: "I'm coming for my daughter. Do you value your life? I will f*****g kill you with my bare hands when I find out where you live."

He also sent a message saying: "You want to hope those little piggy b*****ds catch me before I catch you.

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He sent the woman, who is from Bramley, Leeds, a message threatening to "sever his body into pieces and p**s all over it in front of you".

In September, he sent the woman a message saying he had found out where her children go to school and to tell her partner to call him before he found out where his children went to school too.

He also posted defamatory comments about the man on social media and a photo of a social worker who had said she was not concerned about his daughter's wellbeing.

The thug was jailed for two years and three months on Wednesday after pleading guilty at an early stage to two counts of putting a person in fear of violence by harassment.

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