Sick photos of murdered teen in his coffin being ‘shared by kids on Snapchat’

Sick photos of a murdered teenager in his coffin are being shared by kids on Snapchat and WhatsApp, it has been reported.

Loui Phillips, 15, was tragically stabbed to death by Kyle Pickles, 17, in August last year, Yorkshire Live reports.

Pickles had threatened violence on any boy who was a friend or acquaintance of a young girl he himself was friends with.

On one occasion he tried to stab the girl's dad and savagely attacked one boy and kicked him in the head.

Pickles terrifyingly tracked down the teen girl by using Snapchat maps on August 8 and saw her with Loui on Fish Bank Lane, Monk Bretton, South Yorkshire.

Despite never having met the 15-year-old before, he plunged a kitchen knife into his chest with such force the blade broke off.

Pickles then calmly walked away as Loui and his friend called their parents to tell them what had happened.

Loui was taken to hospital where medics removed the blade from his heart, but he suffered a cardiac arrest and his brain was starved of oxygen.

He died four days later in hospital and in December, Loui's killer was handed a life imprisonment.

Loui's mum paid a heartbreaking tribute to her son in court during Pickles' sentencing and in their grief the family are now allegedly facing fresh heartbreak after claims children in Barnsley, South Yorkshire, have been sharing pictures of Loui in his coffin on WhatsApp and Snapchat.

A post on Facebook, which has been shared over 300 times, said: "Can Cudworth/Monk Breton/Shafton (every parent local) please check their children’s phones.

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"They are passing a disturbing photo around of our Loui in his coffin. Our hearts hurt every day but this is tormenting."

The post caused shock and outrage among those who saw the post as one wrote: "What is wrong with folk!!! It's disgusting."

Another posted: "Who would take a photo like that let alone share it with others!!", while another said: "Evil people, sending hugs to you xx."

It is thought the sharing of the photograph has been reported to South Yorkshire Police.

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