Sick Russian troops to initiate Putins conscripts by raping and torturing them

Rookie Russian soldiers are said to be in for a disgusting hazing ritual that will see them "raped and tortured" by soldiers in Vladimir Putin's army.

Many fresh recruits will find themselves victims of "dedovshchina", which involes rape, torture and theft for the newly initiated members of Putin's shambolic forces.

Those same fresh recruits will likely be those conscripted and ripped straight from the queues of cars that attempted to flee the country following the announcement of the mobilisation of the Russian army.

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Many soldiers serving in the Ukraine war are being forced to work as prostitutes, according to some reports.

General Sir Richard Shirreff, former Deputy Supreme Allied Commander in Europe warned that the "brutal army" would be a hellish experience for new conscripts and that "they are frightened" of joining up the fight.

Speaking to The Sun, General Shirreff said: "The reason large numbers of men are trying to get out of Russia is because they are frightened of general conscription being announced.

"It is a brutal army with no sense of honour or values and your chances of surviving any war in the Russian army are pretty low.

"They have done nothing to address the long-standing issues of bullying and hazing which have existed since the time of the Soviet Army."

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A deadly initiation will likely greet newcomers to the military service, with teenage conscripts the most likely to be picked on and bullied by hardened veterans.

An anti-war pressure group called Committee of Soldiers' Mothers of Russia estimated that before the so-called "special operation" in Ukraine, 44 per cent of deaths in the Russian military were suicides.

Ramil Shamsutdinov, 20, is said to have killed eight of his fellow soldiers and said that he "couldn't restrain himself" because he had "no other way out".

Shamsutdinov said: "I regret I couldn't restrain myself and that I resorted to this extreme step, but I had no other way out. I couldn't take any more mistreatment."

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