Sickening animal slaughter festivals see bulls set on fire and dogs blowtorched

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Horrifying pictures of the world's cruellest festivals reveal how dogs are burned with blowtorches and bulls set on fire.

Celebs and animal campaigners have singled out barbaric practices amid fresh calls to ban the medieval rites as the world recovers from the pandemic.

Thousands of dogs were recently boiled alive or beaten to death before their fur was burned off with a blow torch in China.

Ricky Gervais branded the canine killers at the 10-day Yulin Dog Meat Festival “dirty f***ing psychopathic c***s”.

PETA's Vice President of International Programmes Mimi Bekhechi branded the summer solstice ritual was a "pandemic petri dish".

She told The Sun "dogs suffer beyond imagination for this festival" in Guangxi, with an estimated 10 and 20 million canines killed in the country every year.

Campaigners are hoping the ancient Toro Júbilo, also known as Toro de Fuego, won't return to Spain after being cancelled during the pandemic.

The annual “fire bull” festival takes place in Medinaceli, Spain, to mark the end of the 800-year occupation by the Moors, which ended in 1492.

A bull is tied down before having balls of tar placed on top of its horn and set alight in November.

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In Vietnam, an 800-year-old ceremony sees two pigs bathed and dyed red in Nem Thuong village near capital Hanoi two days before they are ceremonially “strapped down, spreadeagle” and "can be heard screaming as their throat is slit and locals dip money in its blood for 'good luck'", said PETA.

It celebrates General Doan Thuong – who according to legend, killed two wild hogs to feed soldiers fighting off invaders – and Ms Bekhechi said: "This is one of the worst 'festivals' in the world."

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More than 3,000 buffalo, goats, chickens, pigeons and other livestock were sacrificed in shoddy beheadings in Nepal's two-day Hindu Gadhimai Festival in 2019, campaigners say.

Footage by Animal Equality alleged many of the machete-wielding men at the five-yearly event were “intoxicated” and had “no previous experience” as the buffalo were then “hacked to death” one by one at the event.

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Around 500,000 animals were slaughtered in a 2009 celebration, according to Humane Society International, with the death toll dropping since then.

Umkhosi Ukweshwama is a coming-of-age celebration in South Africa where young men chase a bull around an enclosure and kill it.

It can take more than 20 minutes for the animal to die – typically by being smothered, strangled or having its neck broken.

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Mexico's "dance of the strangled duck" – Kots Kaal Pato – saw animals slaughtered in bizarre ways with contestants "clambering over each other" to rip a trapped duck's head off.

The now-outlawed April festival ran in Citilcum, Mexico, until 2016, and was believed to bring rains.

Iguanas, possums and other “vermin” were captured by children and put into a piñata where people took turns to batter them with a wooden rod.

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The Toro de la Vega, in Spain, saw one young bull being tortured and killed as part of a medieval tournament that dated back to the 16th century.

The animal would be struck with darts, stabbed with spears and had its tail cut-off before being killed as part of a 500-year-old traditional event that has now been banned.

Farra do Boi, which means ‘Festival of the Ox’, allegedly still carries on in Brazil 24 years after it was banned.

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"Countless" starved oxen were “chased, punched, kicked and beaten” with an array of weapons including “knives, wipes, stones and ropes”.

Their eyes are “rubbed with hot pepper and gouged out” – others are reportedly “doused with gasoline and set on fire” during three days of torture, campaigners allege.

The oxen are said to symbolically represent Judas, who “betrayed Jesus and thus must be punished”.

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