Sickening moment bucket filled with mice gets set on fire as plague spreads

Disturbing footage of a bucket filled with mice being lit on fire has horrified the internet amid the devastating rodent plague sweeping Australia.

The sickening clip, shared to TikTok, shows a crowd gathering around a white bucket which is supposedly filled with the mice.

A man then lights a match and drops it in, immediately causing everything inside to erupt in flames.

He kicks over the bucket and the mice can briefly be seen running out of it ablaze.

It comes as an unprecedented plague of mice continues to terrorize rural towns in central New South Wales.

Horrified farmers have described being waken up by the rodents nibbling their feet or even crawling across their faces.

Crops have also been destroyed, with the exceptionally high number of mice believed to be down to a summer of heavy rain.

It is estimated the infestation could cause up to $100million (£183m) worth of damage.

Earlier this week, a family revealed how they had become homeless after mice chewed through wiring in their house – burning it down in the process.

Rebekah Ward said the infestation resulted in "mice jumping from the roof" to flee the blaze.

The mum-of-three said: “I had the local police officer, [and] a few of the locals say, that mice were just jumping from the roof.

“Around the house and into the neighbour's, there's dead, burnt mice.

“I'm not sure how many mice were coming out, but yeah, apparently there was a fair few.”

Meanwhile, the mice have reportedly started “eating each other’s heads off”.

“They eat each others’ heads off, and then by the time they get to the lungs and heart they tend to leave it,” a farmer said.

“You’ll find the lower half of a mouse left behind – so you still have to clean it up.”

And shocking footage also emerged of hundreds of rodents being caught in a container.

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