Spain weather: 12 holiday hotspots to be hit by large downpours and 50mph gales

Spain sees hazy skies as Sahara dust storm blows in

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The official Spanish forecaster has placed weather alerts over 11 different provinces across the eastern coast of Spain. Remaining in place until the middle of the week, they warn of heavy rain showers and gale-force winds, which are expected to create treacherous sea conditions.

Spain’s State Meteorological Agency (Aemet) has cautioned that an Atlantic front will bring storm-like conditions to the country for the entirety of this week.

The weather system arrived on Sunday and has led the forecaster to place a mixture of orange and yellow weather alerts over different regions.

Major tourist destinations such as the Balearic Islands, Barcelona and Valencia are all included within the at risk areas.

Overall, 12 provinces are affected by the weather alerts. They are as follows:

  • North interior of Castellon
  • North coast of Castellon
  • Southern inland of Castellon
  • South coast of Castellon
  • North interior of Valencia
  • North coast of Valencia

  • Ibiza and Formentera-Ibiza
  • North and northeast of Mallorca
  • South of Majorca
  • Levante Majorca
  • Menorca
  • South coast of Tarragona

On Monday a general drop in temperature is expected across the country and there is also a significant risk of heavy downpours across Valencia.

Meanwhile, storms are forecast to fall in western Andalucia and southern Catalonia.

On Tuesday, the number of weather alerts will drop but there will still be some in place for wind and rain.

However, any rain that does fall is expected to be less frequent and intense than on Monday.

According to Aemet, when we get to the middle of the week a new storm system will arrive.

The system is forecast to bring rain for the entire country with downpours likely to persist until this Friday.

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Although there are no weather alerts in place towards the end of the week clear skies are not expected to return until the beginning of April, in Spain.

Last week a named weather system turned the sky above Spain orange as a result of dust it carried from the Sahara desert.

Storm Celia also caused travel disruption for tourist hotspots across the Canary Islands.

Airports around the islands suffered from delays while some flights were cancelled due to the weather conditions.

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