Spanish resort terrorised by drunken Brits pooing in gardens and causing carnage

Fuming locals in a popular Spanish resort have slammed British tourists for causing carnage in their hometown every summer.

Arenal in Majorca is located between the better-known holiday hotspots of Palma and Llucmajor and sits opposite the Bay of Palama from Magaluf but still attracts thousands of visitors every year.

But the idyllic town reportedly sees chaotic Brits go on 48-hour benders, fight and pass out in the street and even use locals' gardens as toilets when they descend upon the resort during the peak season between March and September.

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David Servera, president of the Residents' Association of Llucmajor, told the Sun: "[The] English have always been the most problematic tourists while Germans used to be more disciplined.

"There have always been fights but every time there are more."

David said some tourists even go to the holiday town for 24 to 48 hours at a time and don't bother booking hotels, instead choosing to stay out drinking and partying – and said even the more stereotypically well-behaved visitors from other European countries are starting to copy rowdy Brits.

Meanwhile Miguel Pascual, who lives in the town, told Majorca Bulletin that one tipsy tourist even used his garden as a toilet.

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"I yelled at him to get out of the garden and when he turned round, I saw that his pants were full of faeces," Miguel said.

David said boozy tourism is ruining the town's tranquil atmosphere, with the streets filling up with rubbish within a matter of hours each day despite being cleaned regularly.

He added visitors who don't make it to the loo – or to an unfortunate resident's garden – also empty their bladders and bowels in the street.

Some locals are even choosing to leave the area for good because of the drunken antics of boozed-up Brits.

"We know it's a tourist area and understand there's going to be noise but there are things you don't expect," he said.

"Authorities need to do more to help us raise the level of tourism and put a stop to 24-hour tourists that come here for a night."

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