STEM School shooting trial: 600 potential jurors to be called

The 18th Judicial District will call 600 people to potentially serve as jurors in the upcoming trial for the adult suspect in the 2019 STEM School Highlands Ranch shooting.

The number of people needed in the jury pool was set Friday during a pre-trial conference before Douglas County District Court Judge Theresa Slade. The murder trial for Devon Erickson is scheduled to start May 24.

Those called for jury duty will be asked to start reporting on May 20, and jury selection will be held in a ballroom at a Marriott hotel because of COVID-19 protocols. Jury selection is expected to last a week. Proceedings will move back to the Douglas County courthouse once the jury is selected, Slade said.

A motions hearing will be held at 1:30 p.m. May 21. The trial’s proceedings can be watched online because of limited capacity inside courtrooms.

The other student charged in the fatal May 7, 2018, school shooting that killed Kendrick Castillo and wounded eight others pleaded guilty in February 2019 to first-degree murder and 16 other charges. He was sentenced to life in prison, plus 38 years with the possibility of parole.

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