Storm Eunice hurls pedestrians across street as 100mph winds cause havoc

Hapless pedestrians have been filmed getting hurled across the street as Storm Eunice's 100mph winds continue to cause havoc.

Gale-force winds have battered the UK today (February 18) as one of the worst storms in 35 years made landfall.

A rare red weather warning from the Met Office is in place for large swathes of the country and London's iconic O2 Arena roof has been ripped apart.

Footage has now emerged of people getting flung across a road in south Croydon, London, by the winds.

One man in fluorescent yellow work trousers is walking towards Box Park when a 60mph gust hits him at the back, pushing him forward and forcing him to topple over onto the ground.

He then does a roly-poly on the pavement while another man rushes forward to help him back up onto his feet.

Another man, who has just disembarked from a tram at the station, is pushed onto an unsteady by the wind and loses his footing.

He takes a forwards tumble and rolls once before ending up lying helpless in the middle of the road.

Fabio, who shared the footage on Twitter, wrote: "Strong winds south London. People falling!"

The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, earlier begged people to stay at home after the Met Office upgraded the weather warning for the capital from amber to red – meaning danger to life.

He said in a statement on Twitter: "A red warning has now been issued for London.

"Storm Eunice will bring damaging winds which pose a risk to life today.

"Please stay at home, do not take risks, and do not travel unless absolutely essential."

The last time there was a red weather warning, during Storm Arwen, three British people were killed by the treacherous conditions.

It was the most violent storm since the Great Storm of 1987.

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