Stray cat follows strangers home and tries cutest ever break in

A stray cat has followed a stranger to their home and stayed by the door begging to be let inside the house.

Reddit user "antonb64" posted a video showing the moggie standing on two feet in front of a tiny viewing window and scratching the glass panel.

The brown and white feline hits its paws on the glass as if it is asking to be let inside the house.

Anton wrote in the group: "This cat followed us and is now trying to get in our house."

Many viewers were touched by the cat's move and said Anton should open the door and let the cat in.

"It seems you have been chosen, this is nonnegotiable," one said.

Another wrote: "Cutest home invasion attempt ever."

A third shared his experience and believed it's routine of how people become "cat owners".

He said: "My current cat was dumped on my property and wandered around it for a while, being very loving whenever I was out there.

"One day I just kind of opened the door and let him wander inside. Now I have a cat."

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While others thought the feline could be a pregnant cat "trying to come in to have babies somewhere safe".

Another reddit user guessed: "I think that's just your cat, man."

This came after five sick kittens were rescued by kind-hearted animal lovers who found them in cardboard box.

The tiny adorable animals are all suffering from ringworm and may lose their fur if they're not treated in time, with one now almost totally bald after months of neglect.

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