Stray dog ‘cries’ after finally being rescued by kind-hearted animal lover

A stray dog seemed to burst into tears when he was rescued by volunteers and taken to an animal shelter.

The poor mongrel was found locked up in a cage, which was believed to be being transferred to a slaughterhouse in the city of Huaibei in Anhui province of eastern China when rescuers noticed him.

Footage shared onto a Douyin account shows the mongrel seemingly welling up while looking at the rescuers.

The frightened animal stays quiet in the cage and keeps on blinking as tears drop onto his snout.

User "Xiao hou zi" wrote in the video: "He was crying like a small child since the moment I saved him.

"Perhaps he knew he just escaped death and he could carry on living. The dog knew what was going on."

The clip touched viewers' hearts and many thanked the man for saving the pooch.

One said: "The poor dog must have had a rough time there, thank you so much for saving him."

Another wrote: "Oh no I can't watch this video, I'm crying!"

"My heart aches," a third penned. "Please look after him and God bless you for saving the dog."

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So far, only two cities in China have banned the consumption of eating dog and cat meat.

The city and Zhuhai and the city of Shenzhen, both in the southeast region of the country, state that dogs are companion animals and not "livestock".

But in other cities, many animal traders would snatch stray dogs or even steal pet dogs from home to trade for money at slaughterhouses.

This pair of golden retrievers were seen hugging and wiping off "tears" when they were sold by their owners.

Dr. Peter Li, China policy specialist at Humane Society International, welcomed the banned of dog trade: "This isn’t just good news for animal protection, it’s very good news for public health because the dog meat trade poses a significant human health risk, linked to the spread of trichinellosis, cholera and rabies."

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