Stray dog praised as ‘star student’ for ‘attending’ maths lecture at university

A stray dog has become an internet sensation after turning up in a classroom along with other human students in a university.

The hilarious scene was captured by a group of maths students at Chongqing University in southwest China on Wednesday, December 2.

Footage posted onto Chongqing University's Weibo account shows the pug making its way through the chairs behind the students in the lecture room.

It goes around and eventually stops by the podium where the lecturer is giving a speech to the students about linear algebra.

The clip has racked up a trending discussion on the Chinese social media with viewers branding the pooch a "star student" in the class.

Photos shared online shows the canine sitting next to the students' desk as if to join the class together.

A student told video-sharing site Pear that the dog came into his class and went straight to the lecturer.

He said: "It wandered around the lecturer's legs but he didn't seem to bother the dog much and carried on teaching.

"The dog then ran to the back of the room where some of the girls fed it food.

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"We quite like the pooch, it's very adorable. It's probably too cold outside so it came in for the warmth."

Viewers praised for the stray pug's behaviour in the class and joked it behaved better than other students in the room.

One student wrote: "The dog could apply for scholarship and study there!"

"That is one hardworking dog," another commented. "Perhaps I should start taking the classes seriously."

Chongqing University did not comment whether they will keep the stray dog or stated if there are any treatments related to stray animals found on campus.

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The pooch appeared to wave at himself as if saying "hi" to his other "self".

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