Student’s idea on walk home makes him £55,000 in six weeks

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Following the incident, the next day the 22-year-old tried to find a cable-free charger which could fit into his pocket.

Unable to find one, he put his savings into developing the pocket-sized Zip Zap charger during his final year at university.

The gadget works by an individual clipping their phone into the device, which then charges the smartphone in two hours.

Following its launch, the device was an instant hit.

Bailey sold out of his initial stock of 200 within two weeks in 2021 and then sold another 1,500 across Australia within the next month.

Within six weeks he’d sold 2,000 chargers, his goal for the entire year.

Speaking to the Courier about his idea, Bailey said: “My third year essentially, I just had to focus on getting uni complete while I did my studies.

“It was a lot of late nights and weekend work to really cover up on what I couldn’t do through the week when I was at uni. I thought to myself, you know what, if I failed, I at least had a go.”

Bailey had some advice for any other aspiring young entrepreneurs.

He said: “I always encourage young people just to have a go. You have to put a plan on paper. It’s always good to get outside eyes looking in and giving you feedback.

“You can never fail with starting and the biggest hurdle is actually just starting.”

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