Subway branch covered in ‘mouse droppings’ with ‘out-of-date food’ remained open

A grim documentary that looked into the secrets of sandwiches has exposed the disgusting conditions of one Subway branch.

In Channel 4's The Truth About Your Sandwich, presenter Helen Skelton investigated the hygiene of some of Britain’s most-loved sandwich outlets.

Helen was horrified to discover that 10 Subway branches had been given a one-star hygiene rating after inspections in 2019 and 2020, meaning major improvement was necessary.

Details of one particular branch in Birmingham were exposed by a Freedom of Information from 2019.

The host spoke to food consultant Sylvia Anderson about the findings, who said: "The key issues that we’re finding here is that food has been found past its use-by date, which is a safety issue.

"They’ve got mouse droppings all over the place, including the public toilets and the staff toilets, the staff toilets are deemed as disgusting."

Inspectors allowed the Subway branch was to remain open despite the findings, as long as it continued to make improvements, something that horrified Sylvia.

"They should have been shut down," she continued. "Then they should have been re-inspected and then if everything is okay, reopened for the public.

"They shouldn’t be allowed, with a low rating like this, to make sandwiches for the public, which is classed as high risk.

"I wouldn’t feel safe, knowing that I’ve read this report now, going in there and buying a sandwich."

A spokesperson for Subway told the programme: "All Subway stores are owned and operated by independent franchisees, and it is their responsibility to meet all… food safety requirements.

"However, it is extremely important to the Subway Brand that all of the stores operate to the highest of standards of cleanliness and hygiene."

They added that three of the 10 identified stores have been awarded the top ratings and seven others are waiting for an Environmental Health Officer revisit, which all have been delayed due to the current Covid-19 situation.

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