Surfer, 56, dies after being bitten by shark which tore chunks out of surfboard

A surfer has died after being brutally attacked by a shark, officials have confirmed.

The 56-year-old man was bitten by the sea predator on Tuesday morning while he was paddling out in Honolua Bay in Hawaii.

He was taken to hospital for surgery and was reportedly in a stable condition afterwards.

But his health swiftly deteriorated and he died on Wednesday evening, KITV reported.

The victim has not been named.

Hawaiian officials shared a picture of his surfboard which shows a massive bite mark about 17inches big.

The World Surf League's Maui Women’s Pro surfing competition, which was due to take place in the area, was put on hold following the attack.

Reports say the victim, a recreational surfer from Lahaina, Hawaii, was not competing in the tournament.

It will now move location following the tragedy.

Officials described conditions in the sea at the time as being poor due to high surf.

The World Surf League tweeted: "The WSL has made the decision not to continue running the remaining heats at Honolua Bay."

In another post, it added: "The WSL is working with local authorities and our thoughts are with the victim of this incident."

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The organisation said it was working on options to complete the competition "at an alternate location in Hawaii".

Chief executive officer Erik Logan added: "We had a shark incident with a recreational surfer.

"Due to that, we are putting our event on hold indefinitely.

"We'll have more information as it goes as we continue to work with local officials and authorities on the status."

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The Hawaiian Department of Land and Natural Resources announced on Facebook it had put up shark warning signs at the bay.

They will stay there until officials "determine there is no further shark presence".

Officials have not revealed what type of shark they suspect was involved.

It comes days after a 20-year-old surfer escaped with his life after a terrifying attack by a great white shark in Oregon, US.

Cole Herrington, 20, was bitten last Sunday while dangling his legs off his surfboard, leaving them looking like "hamburger meat".

A photo of his surfboard also showed it was left with bite marks.

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