Suspected paedo cut own penis off with machete and stored it in a jar

A suspected paedophile who feared he was about to be arrested by police hacked off his own penis with a machete, before placing the severed member in a glass jar.

Authorities in Indonesia had already been planning to pick up the suspect, who is named only as YDB in police documents.

A neighbour had been chatting to the man outside their homes in Sikka, East Nusa Tenggara, on the island of Flores on the morning of Saturday, February 11.

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But YDB had been acting out of character, abruptly ending the conversation and rushing inside saying he planned to take a shower.

As the man had appeared to be in a distressed state, the neighbour checked on him at around lunchtime and found him covered in blood.

Local police chief Muhammad Dong Said told reporters that the witness found [YDB] with blood coming out from his genital area”.

Chief Dong Said added that YDB had cut his penis off cleanly at its root, adding: "He still had his testicles."

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YDB, who is married, was reportedly very stressed out at his imminent arrest for child molestation, which Chief Dong Said told reporters involved a family member: “nephew or something…” he explained.

“A few days earlier he was reported to the Sikka Police over child sexual abuse allegations, so [the case] is being processed,” Chief Dong Said added.

Reports say that YDB had severed his own penis using a machete, and that the reproductive organ was found in a mason jar in the bathroom. It was unclear whether YDB’s family saved the dismembered penis or if he put it away it himself, though police suspect the latter to be true.

YDB is currently in TC Hillers Maumere Hospital, where Dr Clara Francis described his position as “stable”.

“The patients condition is currently stable,” she revealed. Initial steps have been taken to treaty the wound and temporarily bandage it. The plan was to carry out surgery tomorrow (Sunday, February 12).


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