Swimmer mauled to death by great white shark in shocking attack is Brit ex-pat

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A swimmer who was mauled to death by a great white shark in Australia was training for a charity event, it has been revealed.

Simon Nellist, 35, was killed in Sydney's first fatal attack in nearly 60 years on Wednesday, February 16.

The British ex-pat, who was an experienced ocean swimmer, was attacked from below by the 13ft-long predator at Buchan Pooint, near Little Bay.

According to witnesses, the swimmer was attacked by the massive shark who swallowed parts of the swimmer's body after it had ripped him in two.

His remains were tragically found in the water an hour later.

The horrifying attack took place less than 500ft away from the main beach, which was packed with swimmers, paddle boarders and rock fishermen.

According to an animal welfare advocate, the shark probably mistook its victim for a seal before attacking.

Authorities are not believed to be planning to kill the predator and will instead chase it away from the mainland.

Police announced beaches along Sydney's eastern and southern coastlines are shut for at least 24 hours and the charity ocean swim Simon was meant to take part in this weekend has been cancelled.

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In a gruesome video, a fisherman can be heard describing the awful scene.

They said: "'Someone just got eaten by a shark. Oh man! Oh no! That's insane. That's a great white shark.

"I just saw a four to five metre great white explode on the surface right here on a swimmer and it was like a car landing in the water.

"F*** man, I heard a scream and the shark was just chomping on his body and the body was in half here just off the rocks.

"It came back and swallowed parts of his body and that was it."

Another fisherman speaking to Australian news channel Nine News said there was "blood everywhere".

They said: "Some guy was swimming and a shark came and attacked him vertically.

"We heard a yell and turned around it looked like a car had landed in the water, a big splash then the shark was chomping at the body and there was blood everywhere."

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