Swingers sex party ‘linked to coronavirus outbreak’ in small town

A swingers sex party could be linked to an outbreak of coronavirus in a small town in Victoria, Australia.

Word of the saucy bash, which was held at the end of August, spread quickly around the town of Colac, which is about 150km southwest of Melbourne.

Some residents are said to be furious that this type of gathering, which breaches multiple Covid-19 restrictions, would be held when the area had already experienced an outbreak of the virus.

Victoria Police said they were made aware of the gathering a few days after it occurred on August 29 at a private residence.

A police spokesperson said: "Police did not attend the address on the day of the gathering, and only became aware of the potential breach of the chief health officer's directions after they were alerted in the days following.

"Once the reports were received, Victoria Police investigated and two fines for $1,652 (£914) were issued to the homeowners."

Colac, a small town with a population of around 12,500 people, has already been rocked by a significant coronavirus outbreak with cases quickly rising to almost 100 by the start of August.

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The cluster was linked to an outbreak at the Australian Lamb Company abattoir, which forced hundreds of workers and close contacts into isolation.

Infections dwindled to almost zero within weeks of reaching the peak.

But now Colac is suffering from a second wave of infections, with some suspecting the illegal sex party caused the virus to accelerate through the community.

A man became infected with Covid-19 while undergoing treatment at a Melbourne hospital. He then returned to Colac, not knowing he was infected, and spread the virus to his family.

Coronavirus then spread throughout the community with many believing the swingers party played a role in the rapid community transmission.

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