Tattooed superfan gets ink with QR code that plays iconic song from Shrek

A Shrek superfan has had a Spotify code tattooed on her arm that plays the Smash Mouth hit and film's opening credits track, All Star, when scanned.

Tymarah Emily Shand, 23, got her new ink as part of a long-running joke with her friends over her love for the classic animated feature.

The 2001 flick starred Mike Myers as the titular ogre, and the film opened with the Smash Mouth single, All Star, from their album, Astro Lounge.

The track, now tattooed onto the mega fan, lets people scan the Spotify QR code, sending people directly to the Smash Mouth track on Spotify's website.

Tymarah, from Kent, said: "I thought it was so funny and it actually worked!

"Personally I don't think I'll regret it. I have quite a lot of tattoos and it's just a few lines on the back of my arm.

"I've seen far worse tattoos on people!"

She said she has been "obsessed" with the song ever since first watching the Oscar-winning animated feature as a child.

Tymarah, a lash technician, said: "It's kind of like an ongoing joke between me and my friends that I like Shrek.

"I think we spoke about getting a Shrek tattoo once and whenever we are on a long drive I just play the song."

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She continued: "I thought this would be better than a Shrek tattoo as it means something to me and my friends, not just a random Shrek tattoo!"

Tymarah had gone into Sacred Empire Tattoo & Piercing last Friday for a Japanese dragon tattoo on her forearm, but asked the artist if she could throw in a small QR code tattoo on her upper arm.

She said: "I think it will be a reminder of my group of friends and our humour, lots of people get matching tattoos with friends.

"I think it will be so funny to explain to my kids or grandkids what the tattoo is for and play them the song."

After a four-hour session on her first tattoo, it only took ten minutes for the code to be etched onto her arm.

She said: "So many people have tattoos about movie or TV characters, I personally don't think this is any different.

"If they change the software and it doesn't work I wouldn't care, it's a personal tattoo on my body and means something to me.

"I have other amazing art pieces tattooed on me and they don't have any meaning, so if anything I'm more likely to regret them than a tattoo with meaning".

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