Teacher eats spaghetti and licks man’s nipple in front of students in Zoom class

Students from an elite secondary school who were taking a Spanish class via Zoom were stunned when teacher Amanda K. Fletcher, “appeared to suck the nipple of an unidentified topless male” while “gyrating” or “rocking back and forth,” according to an official investigation.

Just under a quarter of an hour before the class was due to end Fletcher, 37, reportedly ate some spaghetti while the topless man was visible in the background of the Zoom class.

She then started sucking the unidentified man’s nipple in full view of students.

After a short time, one student told investigators, Fletcher “resumed teaching and discussing a worksheet”.

The bizarre incident was captured on video by several students from New York’s prestigious Columbia Secondary School for Math, Science, and Engineering, and a number of the clips made their way onto social media.

Fletcher is now expected to face a formal disciplinary procedure.

Danielle Filson, a spokesperson from New York’s Department of Education [DOE], described Fletcher’s behaviour as “absolutely unacceptable”.

She stressed that the DOE had issued “Digital Media Guidelines for Remote Learning” in March 2020. It “reminded school-based staff that virtual classrooms should follow the same protocols as in-person classrooms – e.g. outside individuals are not permitted to walk into a classroom, whether virtual or in-person – and staff must continue to maintain a safe and appropriate learning environment.”

After the incident was reported, in September last year, the DOE “reassigned” Fletcher, who remains on the city’s payroll to the tune of some $105,588 (about £76,000).

SCI, the independent watchdog for the New York City School District, prepared a report on the incident for the Department of Education and added that the department should improve teacher training on “appropriate and acceptable behaviour while interacting remotely with students.”

Teachers “should exclude non-classroom participants from appearing” during classes, and should not engage in “eating or snacking; smoking, vaping or in any other way using tobacco; and any other activities that might prevent an educator from maintaining total focus on the classroom.”

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