Teachers life as adult star exposed as X-rated video to pupils makes her wet

A music teacher's secret double life as a well-known adult film star was discovered after she was caught sending explicit messages to her students.

Twitter user Teacher Xiao C is famous for her erotic snaps and videos – some of which just show parts of her exposed body, while more graphic clips show her masturbating – which she started sharing to the social network in 2019.

But with her face usually hidden in photos, nobody was able to figure out who the real person was behind the raunchy uploads.

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That was until saucy footage taken by a middle school music teacher, Huang Wenchang, was leaked last year.

It wasn't until recently, however, that internet sleuths put two and two together and worked out the two women were actually the same person.

And the scandal didn't stop there – it transpired that Huang had previously had sexual relationships with some of her male students and had sent them explicit messages.

Screenshots of conversations understood to have taken place between Huang and her students went viral, with Huang writing inappropriate texts such as "[Are you] hard? [Do you] miss me? Can't handle Monday?" and "How embarrassing, you've made the teacher wet…"

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The sexually charged messages also included nude photos of the rogue teacher as well as videos of her masturbating, with instructions to male students asking them to watch.

The news has sparked outrage online, with many criticising Huang for her lack of morality in her role as an educator.

Others pointed out that although some of Huang's adult content was leaked last year, the school has not spoken about it or announced any kind of disciplinary action.

This isn't the first time a teacher has found themselves in hot water after their saucy side hustle was revealed.

A science teacher found herself without a job after her second job as an OnlyFans model was uncovered – but she now says she rakes in thousands a month from the racy platform.

Sarah Juree, 40, says it's been a blessing in disguise to lose her job and said blokes are even keen to get their own "d*** report card" – where she reviews men's junk in the style of a school exam.

Sarah said: "I thought when I started OnlyFans I was going to be in the MILF niche but then when the teacher stuff happened I was like oh my God, this teacher fantasy is a real thing."

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