Teen with ‘no enemies’ found dead in freezer wearing just his underwear

Mystery surrounds the discovery of a teenager’s body found in a disused freezer in his grandmother’s back garden.

15-year-old Jose Eduardo Alves Goncalves Rosa was found dead in the freezer at the property in Vila Adelina, a neighbourhood of the west-central Brazilian city of Campo Grande on the afternoon of January 11.

Jose’s body was found by his cousin, 20-year-old Carlos Magno Goncalves Rodrigues, who had been asked by Jose's brother, Leonardo, to check up on the teen after he failed to show up for work.

The boy’s body, clad in just a pair of underpants, showed no obvious signs of violence.

Jose often helped out his 26-year-old brother, a refrigerator technician, with odd jobs. However, he failed to show up for a job on the day he was found.

Leonardo told local media: "I thought it was strange, he'd been missing since early on. I called everyone and no one knew anything."

The house was locked at the time, and Jose's grandmother was not at home. However, when she was away she would often leave a key in a secret hiding place, which the two young men knew about.

Carlos decided to search the property in case Jose was there. He jumped the wall and found the unplugged freezer in the back garden, along with a trickle of blood dripping into a hole.

He told local media: "It was already smelling bad. I opened the freezer and found him there sitting in just his underpants."

He called the emergency services who arrived at the scene and confirmed that Jose was dead.

In the garden there were reportedly a number of chairs placed in a circle, suggesting the teen had not been alone, and a hose was also found at the scene, which may have been used to clean up.

A number of plants had also been knocked over, suggesting the people Jose was with had jumped the wall to escape.

Leonardo recalled that his brother asked him for a hookah to smoke shisha with some friends. "I just don't know with who," he told local media.

The police seized a notebook, a mobile phone, and a knife from the scene to assist with their investigation.

Jose was described as a well-adjusted lad who did not have a criminal record.

Leonardo said Jose was "a person who didn't have problems, he didn't have beef with anyone, everyone liked him".

Police are currently investigating the mysterious death.

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