Teenage pilot crashes a plane into a house shortly after takeoff

A pilot and his 14-year-old child were left seriously injured after their two-seater aircraft plunged into a private residence moments after taking off, dramatic footage has shown.

The pair had embarked on an aerial tour in the western Indian city of Dhanbad when their plane plummeted back down to earth, devastating the house into which it crashed. They were both rushed to hospital, where they remained in critical condition.


In the footage, the glider can be seen taking off fromBarwadda airstrip in Dhanbad.

The aircraft flies for roughly a minute and a half over the city before it starts falling towards a nearby residence.

It then plunges into the wall of a house and the teenager, who had been filming the flight, loses control of the camera.

The accident occurred due to a technical failure. The plane suddenly became uncontrolled and fell at the property of Nilesh Kumar, near Birsa Munda Park.

The family members whose walls were damaged said they were outside the house when the plane crashed and “fell on the roof”. The parents said their children were “in shock” following the crash.

ASI SK Mandal of Barwada Police Station said an investigation was ongoing into the incident, which occurred towards the end of March.

“Information was received at the police station that a glider crash had happened near Birsa Munda.

“Police teams have reached the spot and are stationed there. Two people were injured. And we’re further checking,” he said.

The glider was a PIpistrel Sinus 912S belonging to the Indian Jharkhand Flying School. It was a single engine aircraft.

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