Teenager died after tripping over and falling on a knife he was playing with

An investigation surrounding the death of a teenager who tripped and fell onto a knife is shrouded in mystery with cops saying they are considering 'all possibilities'.

Bailey Jones, 18, died from a stab wound on the driveway of his cousin's house in Bomaderry, New South Wales, Australia on Friday evening.

Emergency calls were made at around 7pm, but the teenager couldn't be saved.

Ten others were reportedly present at a gathering at the property at the time, all of whom have been 'very co-operative' with police, according to the Sun.

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In a touching tribute on Facebook, the teen's cousin wrote: "I love you forever my beautiful baby cousin.

"I'm going to be lost without you, I still don't want to except your not longer here and that I can't call you or see you at family events."

"It's already hurting so much you've left a hole in my heart that will never go away. Christmas with out you their, no sharing birthdays, please just come home I don't want you to be gone life's so cruel."

Detective Ian Griffin has appealed for anyone with footage of the incident to come forward immediately, but reiterated that the investigation shouldn't cause concern in the community – in response to a neighbour exclaiming 'you just don't fall onto a knife'.

"It's too early to speculate at this time but our eyes are open to all possibilities," he explained.

A 2018 report from The National Library of Medicine, meanwhile, revealed such deaths are incredibly uncommon.

"Accidents where the victim is killed by his own knife therefore appear to be extremely rare," it said.

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