Teenager had limbs hacked off before she was burnt alive

A teenager’s hands and feet were severely mutated before she was burnt alive in her car. The body of Ariki Rigby, 18, was found by a horrified dog walker following the sickening attack in Havelock North, New Zealand.

Officers investigating the matter initially mistook her mutilated body for a sheep carcass, and the car she was torched in was set to be scrapped.

Ariki’s sister Anahera told true crime podcast The Felon Show: “You know they do say that she had broken bones.

“I suppose they forgot to mention that she also had her hands and feet cut off.”

She added that her sister’s body would never have been found if it wasn’t for the dog walker.

Ariki was killed early in September last year, but the police didn’t realise her remains were inside until a passerby urged officers to return to the scene two days later.

Anahera added: “They [police] were going to get the car towed and crushed had the person who found her didn’t find her in time.

”We were so grateful that they found her otherwise she would have forever been declared a missing person.

”They had done a lot to her. I found out so much about her.”

However, the police are yet to make an arrest in connection with Ariki’s death.

Earlier, the officers said potential witnesses may not have come forward due to the possible gang affiliations of those thought to be responsible, reported the NZ Herald.

The teen was visiting family when she was brutally killed.

Anahera told the podcast: “The last memory I have is of her walking out my doors and jumping in her car.

“The window won’t go up so I had to put a rubbish bag over it. It was raining. That was a sign she shouldn’t go anywhere.

“I was begging her to stay but she didn’t want to. I kept trying to tell her to stay.

“She wanted to go to Hastings and I told her, ‘You got beaten up there’.

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