Terrified dog owner screams in horror as Staffy savagely attacks beloved puppy

A nine-month-old puppy was rag-dolled by a roaming Staffy in a Scots park as a man was stabbed just yards away in an apparently unrelated attack.

The gory double-incident unfolded in Aberdeen, Scotland on Monday when Toni Bennett was walking Ziggy, a Cavapoochon, through playing fields at around 8:45 pm.

Out of nowhere, a Staffordshire bull terrier-typed dog came bounding over to Toni's pup and began rag-dolling him in a vicious attack.

Nursery practitioner Toni was screaming for help as she desperately tried to free Ziggy from the dog's grip, The Daily Record reported.

The 24-year-old says the dog's owner was nowhere in sight when the animal grabbed Ziggy by the ribs.

Shaken Toni said: "A Staffy-Pitbull type dog came running out of nowhere and attacked Ziggy. The dog was throwing him all over the place.

"I ran over to try and get the dog off of him. I was screaming for the owner to come and get him but he wasn't even in sight. The dog had Ziggy by the ribcage, and then a boy ran over to help.

"Eventually the owner turned up and he was kicking and punching the dog in the face trying to get it to release Ziggy. The whole attack lasted a few minutes.

"At that point all I was caring about was Ziggy, he was covered in blood.

"I picked him up and then I heard someone shouting 'help me I've been stabbed'."

At the same time as the dog attack, a 35-year-old man was understood to have been stabbed in the playing fields.

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He was rushed to Aberdeen Royal Infirmary and currently remains in hospital.

Police have arrested two men, aged 34 and 26, in connection with both incidents.

It is unknown if the separate incidents are connected.

Ziggy sustained serious injuries and was rushed to Veterinary Specialists Scotland in Livingston for surgery.

The dog suffered a punctured lung, broken ribs, puncture wounds, muscle damage and haemorrhages behind his eyes during the savage attack.

He remains in a critical condition.

"The full thing was terrifying. If the boy who helped me wasn't there I don't know what I would have done. I was screaming and crying.

"We go to that playing field all the time. I think it was a case of wrong place, wrong time," Toni said.

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