Terrifying bomb on this plane note saw emergency services scrambled to airport

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Authorities were sent into a panic when a horrifying warning note of a "bomb" on the plane was discovered in the toilet during a flight.

The IndiGo plane was on a domestic flight in India, travelling from Jaipur to Bengaluru, when a crew member discovered a ripped piece of tissue paper in the toilet, with a message scribbled in Hindi.

The note, written in blue ink, read "Land mat karna. Iss flight mein bomb hain", which translates to "Don't land, bomb on this plane".

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The crew member who had made the horrifying find was quick to tell the captain, who then alerted air traffic control. The Central Industrial Security Force (CISF), one of India's paramilitary forces, arrived on the scene shortly afterward.

A CISF spokesperson confirmed: "Without informing the passengers about the situation that might have caused panic, the plane was moved to an isolation bay near the cargo terminal.

"The passengers were taken into the terminal. Their bags were removed from the plane and checked with metal detectors."

The IndiGo airbus was moved to an isolation bay, where a bomb squad and CISF personnel checked it over, discovering an hour later that the note was a hoax and that there were no explosives on the plane after all.

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But the 174 passengers and a dozen crew members on board weren't finished with the ordeal as they had to undergo a handwriting test in an attempt to determine who might have written the menacing note.

CISF then analysed the handwriting samples, eliminating people who couldn't write in Hindi first.

They whittled down the list of suspicious handwriting samples first to 20, and of those, honed in on two suspects.

After a two-hour delay, all passengers were sent home.

Investigators are keeping an eye on the two suspects, but so far, no arrests were made from the incident.


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