The traditional white van man is being replaced by green van woman

The traditional “white van man” is being replaced by “green van woman”.

Almost half (43%) of UK van drivers are now women who practise yoga and listen to Radio 4.

Most female van drivers (51%) read a broadsheet paper, more than a quarter (27%) are vegetarian, vegan or pescatarian and seven in 10 (70%) prefer a night in watching TV rather than going to the pub.

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They are also highly politically engaged, with 85% voting in the last General Election – well above the national average 67%, according to a study by Mercedes-Benz Vans.

It also showed van drivers are concerned about the impact their vehicles have on nature and make an effort to be more sustainable.

Sarah Palfreyman, from Mercedes-Benz Vans UK, said: “The old image of the van driver is changing into something that truly represents the people making up the van driving community, and that is always evolving.”

Elsewhere on Britain's roads, a motorist has been fined an eye-watering £47,000 and racked up 48 points on their licence during just two months of driving.

John Kelly, 29, was caught speeding 57 times during that time period. He was found to have driven at more than twice the speed limit in 30mph zones.

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Kelly, from Llanrumney in Wales, was found to have committed 58 separate offences in a blue Volkswagen Beetle between February 19 and April 14 this year.

The offences were across four different speed camera locations and all but one – a red light offence – were speeding-related, reports WalesOnline.

Never mind a white van, however, "the world's first real flying car" worth £270,000 is set to hit our roads and skies soon.

Alef Aeronautics' Model A will still drive on roads, but can take off and soar above traffic jams to beat the rush hour queues.

The California-based firm says their car is the only one that can do this.


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