Theatre patronising over Nazi Germany threat warning for The Sound Of Music

A theatre has slapped woke trigger warnings on its production of The Sound Of Music.

Chichester Festival Theatre told ticket buyers it touches on “the threat of Nazi Germany and the annexation of Austria” and that some viewers “may find certain themes distressing”.

"But Rabbi Jonathan Romain, of Maidenhead Synagogue, Berks, called such warnings “incredibly patronising” and a “disservice” to audiences.

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He said: “They are almost warning them off from learning about things that may be unpleasant but are certainly real and make up the world.”

A theatre spokesman said: “We’re giving honest and factual guidance, for those who require it, that the show contains serious themes as well as Rodgers and Hammerstein’s glorious songs and uplifting story.”

"The musical – made into a Julie Andrews film – tells of a nun who becomes a governess in wartime Austria.

In other news related to Nazi Germany, Nazi hunters have found a German U-Boat wreckage that they think could be evidence of an escape plan from the dictator.

Ariel Gelblung, director of the centre’s Latin America office, said: “I think that the government has the obligation to let us know about this – if it’s something real or not.

“They have to give some opinion because the silence is suspicious.

“It’s really important to know if it’s a Nazi U-boat or not, because if it is, it will change all the things we know.

“We know about the ratlines and that the others came by plane, and a lot of people talked about U-boats – but nobody found them.

“This is the one chance we have where we can understand if it’s a U-boat or another kind of wreck.”

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