Third wave of Covid will hit ‘in July and August as UK unlocks’ warns top doctor

A third wave is 'likely' to sweep across Britain in the summer, according to a member of Sage.

Professor Calum Semple described an increase in Covid-19 cases as inevitable as the UK gradually relaxes lockdown rules but for the first time since faced with the virus, society will be able to carry on.

He told Sky News that Britain's hugely successful vaccination programme has "won the race" in being able to protect the most vulnerable ahead of a third wave.

Professor Calum Semple said: “The concern at present is that in countries where there’s less vaccination and a very strong third wave, that’s the perfect breeding ground for further variants of concern.

“So, at this point, Britain has got its act together, the concern is as this third wave is going on elsewhere, that will generate new variations.

“Even within Britain there is a likelihood of a third wave in potentially July and August time when we do unlock society.

“That third wave we would expect to occur in people that are less susceptible to very severe disease.

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“It’s inevitable as we unlock there will be an rise in cases, the key here is have we won the race to vaccinate the most vulnerable members of society so we can keep society open this time.”

Health Secretary Matt Hancock insisted tougher travel rules coming into force next week had not changed the road map plans for international travel.

Anyone found leaving England for overseas travel without a reasonable excuse will be slapped with a £5,000 fine from Monday if new coronavirus laws are voted through later this week.

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Travellers will have to complete a "Declaration to Travel" form, stating a valid reason for leaving the country, such as education, work or childcare, BBCNews reports.

Mr Hancock told Sky News the global travel taskforce would report its findings by the middle of April, with May 17 the earliest possible date in the road map for international travel without a reasonable excuse.

He added: “Now, having said all of that, it is now too early to know where the global travel taskforce will come out and know what the decision will be for May 17.

“The reason for that is that we are seeing this third wave rising in some parts of Europe and we’re also seeing new variants.

“It is very important that we protect the progress that we have been able to make here in the UK.”

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