‘This is our power as a Union! Polish MEP torn apart as he claims EU lead Olympic medals

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Radek Sikorski, a prominent Europhile and former Polish foreign minister, made the suggestion on Thursday. He tweeted a modified Olympics medal table, showing the EU on top with a total of 224 medals.

This pushed China, with 73 medals, into second place followed by the US and Japan.

The EU figure was reached by adding up all the medals won by the bloc’s member states.

Mr Sikorski provocatively added: “EU rules OK.”

He also tweeted the graph from his Polish language account, with the caption “And this is our power as a Union”.

However, the senior Eurocrat’s English language message sparked a furious backlash on social media.

One person tweeted: “You do realise that you’re stupidly comparing over 2,000 athletes to around 400.”

Another added: “If EU competed as one team, that would mean thousands of athletes missing out on the opportunity to compete.

“It also means you’d probably have fewer medals as there would be less chance of a outsider outperforming to win one (fewer chances to win). Terrible idea.”

A third wrote: “If you want an EU team then hold a referendum on having a United States of Europe.

“You won’t, of course, as you know the answer will be no.

“Your only chance is forcing it upon the people of Europe.”

A fourth commented: “Radek…how do you think your tweet makes the wonderful people who competed for their countries feel, including the Polish?


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“They love their countries, not a political construct. It’s their countries flag they wrap around themselves and very proud they are to, rightly so.”

Mr Sikorski was granted political asylum in the UK in 1982, after campaigning against Poland’s then communist-led dictatorship.

He went on to attend Oxford University, where he was a member of the Bullingdon Club.

The EU is not represented at the Olympics, with each of its constituent members sending their own teams.

As of Saturday afternoon Germany, with ten gold medals, is the highest ranked EU member in seventh place.

This is behind Britain with 20 gold medals, the Russian Olympic Committee (ROC) with 19 and Australia with 17.

Due to allegations of state sponsored doping, Russia was banned from sending a team, but is represented indirectly by the ROC team.

Responding to Mr Sikorski one twitter user pointed out that, by his calculation, the EU’s medal count would be much higher if Britain was still a member.

He wrote: “Just think with GB the EUs medal tally would be 25% higher. Says it all.”
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