Tiktok user shrieks as her cheeky cat flicks enormous hairy spider in her face

A cat left its owner screaming in panic after expertly flicking a giant spider straight into her face while she was filming on her phone.

In the video, uploaded on TikTok by user @wowyoufoundme__ on June 10, the tabby cat is playing with what looks like a huntsman spider.

The brown and hairy spider is defending itself and has reared up so it looks as large as possible.

While the cat swats at it with a paw, the spider raises its front four legs up in a defensive stance and faces the feline head-on.

Suddenly the cat makes a swipe for the spider and it is launched into the air towards the woman filming.

The camera flips around wildly while the woman screams.

Understandably, the video resonated with arachnophobes who were absolutely horrified by the hair-raising moment.

Sounding frighted, one person wrote: "We not going to mention the spider was the size of the cat's paw?"

Another commented: "You done well not to fall down those stairs lol I'd have ended up down the bottom face first."

"Honestly, you deserve it for putting both the cat and spider through that," said another.

Someone else admitted: "I would need therapy after that."

"I screamed with you sis," confessed a woman.

This comes after a cat owner was terrified after realising her pet wasn't innocently playing with shadow under a boot but a live snake.

She was filming the cat, called Barley, apparently mesmerised with a shadow under the boot for more than half an hour, prodding it with his paw.

But as she started to film, she wondered if there was more to it and lifted up the boot.

"It's a f***ing snake," she screamed when she saw it.

"Back up Barley, back up Barley," she yelled and then fled the room in panic.

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