Tiny eight-week-old kitten rescued after getting trapped inside car engine

A tiny kitten had a lucky escape from a car engine thanks to some heroic firefighters.

Crews from North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service were called out to Easingwold just before 3pm on Sunday afternoon to reports that the kitten had become trapped inside the engine, Yorkshire Live reports.

The eight-week-old feline was firmly wedged in the space, and responding officers had to use airbags and special small tools to rescue the cat, which "appeared uninjured".

A spokesman for North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service posted pictures of the rescue operation on Twitter, along with the caption: "#Easingwold crew have rescued an 8 week old kitten which was wedged in a car engine.

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"Air bags and small tools were used and the kitten was rescued unharmed. Although believed to be a stray, this little fella has a number of options for a new home!"

A police officer from North Yorkshire Police replied to them saying: "Oh come on guys give us police officers a chance.

"Firemen in uniform rescuing a kitten. How am I going to top that?

"In all seriousness well done. A life saved."

Cats have a tendency to get themselves into sticky situations around cars, often requiring a dramatic rescue.

In July a kitten likened to Harry Houdini caused firefighters a headache when they had to dismantle three cars to pull her to safety in King's Lynn, Norfolk.

The scampish tabby, believed to be between six and 12 weeks old, kept evading her rescuers and slipping from one vehicle to another as firefighters and mechanics worked together to free her.

Eventually she was rescued and put in the care of the RSPCA, and has since been adopted.

The following month another cat was rescued from under a car bonnet after surviving a 30-mile trip and speeds of 65mph in Cheshire.

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