Toddler suffers huge 7cm cut near eye after falling on baby bottle

A dad has warned other parents after an "award winning" children's water bottle could have caused "permanent damage" to his son.

The father's toddler son sustained a huge 7cm cut to his face – narrowly missing his eye – after he fell forward onto a bottle that he had been carrying at the time.

According to Shin Min Daily News, the incident was captured on the Singapore's home closed-circuit television (CCTV), where the toddler could be seen falling down and the helper, who was taking care of the toddler at the time, trying to catch him.

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The horrified dad, known as Wen, said that the incident happened in just "a matter of seconds".

He said: "My one-and-a-half-year-old boy was drinking from his water bottle when he accidentally slipped and fell.

"The water bottle connected to his face, and ripped up a chunk of his skin on the forehead and eyebrow.

"My helper was just standing right beside him as it all unfolded, and it happened very fast."

Wen was on a business trip and was out of the country on August 14 when the accident occurred.

His wife, who is a nurse, was also not home leaving the toddler in the caring hands of a helper.

The childminder sought help from a neighbour and the little boy was whisked away to the emergency room, at the KK Women's and Children's Hospital in Singapore, as he was bleeding "profusely" from the site of the wound.

The child received 16 stitches to stop the wound, that was in between his eyebrows, from bleeding.

The gash in his head measured at a shocking 7cm leading to Wen being worried about future scarring.

He explained his fears of his son being 'disfigured' due to the incident and that it may lead to bullying as he gets older.

The worried dad said: "I'm very concerned about his future, his childhood, the potential teasing/bullying/life opportunities, and just all the bad stuff that could happen from such a disfigurement."

Speaking with Stomp, Wen wondered why an "award-winning" children's water bottle could have caused such "permanent damage" to his son.

He said: "The bottle was rated for babies older than six months in the listing, and they even included pictures of infants using it on their ad listing.

"I want the company to explain to me, as a parent of the child affected, how your cup is sharp enough to slice a baby's face to this degree?"

The brand of the bottle, who specialises in mother care and baby products, responded as they said: "All of our products, including the water bottle in question, have undergone rigorous quality control and safety testing by reputable laboratories to demonstrate compliance with the highest international safety standards."

However, Wen is allegedly seeking legal advice from lawyers and is considering taking action against the business.


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