Topless protesters march on Russian embassy against Putins Ukraine invasion

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Topless protestors from feminist group Femen have marched on the Russian embassy in Madrid, Spain in protest of the Ukrainian invasion.

Russian forces' invasion of Ukraine on February 24 led to a huge international outcry from political leaders and citizens around the world.

Femen performed their own form of scantily-clad protest. The feminist group is renowned for carrying out topless demonstrations on a range of issues including fighting against sex tourism.

One protester wrote 'peace for Ukraine' on her chest while another was photographed being dragged away by the authorities.

The women also held up banners with a message of support, translating from Spanish into Russian, reading: "They will not pass."

The France-based activist group was founded in Ukraine in 2008, and they often protest against Russian President Vladimir Putin's troops and Russian bullying of Ukraine.

Femen have been protesting against Russia's pressure on Ukraine for some time, with a statement issued in 2012 detailing their aims.

The group said their goals were "to develop leadership, intellectual and moral qualities of young women in Ukraine" and "to build up the image of Ukraine, [a] country with great opportunities for women".

They had also stated they wanted "to shake women in Ukraine, making them socially active," and had hoped for 2017 to be a "women's revolution."

Femen's latest protest comes after an activist from the group caused a stir outside of the Russian embassy in Spain.

Several agents were said to have removed the woman from outside the embassy, with several Russian embassies around the country hit with frequent protests.

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One protest saw Oscar-winning actor Javier Bardem voice his support for Ukraine, taking part in a protest outside of the Russian embassy in Madrid.

Protests from Russian nationals in Australia has seen some stand outside of Russian embassies and burn their passports in protest of Russian forces invading Ukraine.

The protests from a Femen activist group in Spain has led to one topless woman being removed from the area.

Femen has also been critical of the European Union.

In 2012 the group warned the body of European countries "to stop immediately political, economic and cultural contacts" with the Kremlin.

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Just a year later and Femen ambushed Vladimir Putin with another topless protest, who was accompanied by German Chancellor Angela Merkel at the Hannover trade fair.

The protest was described by Femen member Olexandra Shevchenko as "non-violent women protesting against the most dangerous dictator in the world, it got great coverage and will hopefully inspire people in Russia as well as helping us to recruit new members".

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