Toronto woman found not criminally responsible for fatal PATH stabbing granted more access to community

The family of Rosemarie “Kim” Junor, a 28-year-old Toronto woman killed in an unprovoked attack in the city’s underground PATH system, say they are stunned by an Ontario Review Board (ORB) decision to allow their daughter’s killer more privileges in the community.

“My concern is that she will do it again and then I will go in that court and I will remind that judge what I told him, ‘Didn’t I tell you that, that she will do it again?’” Rosalind Junor told Global News.

In a two-page disposition released on Tuesday by the ORB, Rohinie Bisesar, who was found not criminally responsible in November 2018 of the fatal stabbing of Junor, was granted unescorted visits in the community and allowed to live in supervised accommodation at the discretion of the person in charge of her case at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH).

Bisesar, who has an MBA and a degree in molecular biology, is also not allowed to possess any firearms and when living in the community she must report to the person in charge not less than once per week.

In December 2015, Junor, an ultrasound technician and newlywed, was browsing in a drug store in the underground PATH system when she was stabbed in the chest by Bisesar, a complete stranger.

Robert Karrass, Bisesar’s former lawyer, told Global News that this decision to allow the 45-year-old to have unescorted visits and to allow her to live in the community, at the discretion of CAMH, was a joint position

“I’m glad to see that she’s improving in hospital, in treatment,” said Karrass.

“I understand the difficulty the community and the victim’s family would have with this disposition, but this really is the system working. We don’t have lock ‘em up and throw away the key in Canada.

“People who have mental illness need to be treated and rehabilitated and then need to be allowed in the community albeit supervised at first.”

Junor’s parents said they have never believed that Bisesar had mental health issues.

“She stabbed Rosemarie and went into hiding for five days,” said Rosalind, explaining that if Bisesar did not understand the consequences of her actions she would not have run.

Junor also said she fears Bisesar won’t take her medication once she’s released.

“My concern is the safety of our family, our friends,” said Rosalind.

The Ontario Review Board said the reasons for their latest disposition will be released in the next few weeks.

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