Tourist taught lesson he wont forget after ignoring parking advice from locals

A confident tourist ignored advice from locals and left his car in a nearby harbour to beat parking queues – only to see his vehicle submerged in water just 15 minutes later.

The oblivious bloke was on a trip to Borth Y Gest in Gwynedd, North Wales, when he decided to not listen to residents who warned him the tide could rise rapidly.

A huge crowd gathered to watch him edge down the slipway into the harbour just before seawater started to increase.

One witness told North Wales Live the car became covered in water in only 15 minutes and joked: "Sadly he'd not heard that both time and tide wait for no man."

Thankfully nobody was hurt in the incident and the vehicle was later dragged out by a local tractor.

The area, around two miles from Porthmadog, is a popular destination for tourists with brightly coloured houses and soaring mountains.

Water in the village is warmed by the Gulf Stream and swimmers flock their for a dip.

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Other nearby attractions include Snowdonia National Park, Mount Snowdon, Llandudno and medieval fortress Caernarfon Castle.

But locals have warned summer visitors to make sure they park in the right place – or face their car sinking in seawater.

It’s not the first time an unlucky tourist has lived to regret parking where they shouldn’t.

In April, holidaymakers watched in horror as a motorhome parked on the beach at Black Rock Sands near Porthmadog got stuck in sand and had to be rescued by tractor.

And last summer, an unlucky holidaymaker parked his white van to nip for a few pints but returned the next morning to find his vehicle bobbing along in the sea.

The merciless estuary tides in Exmouth were to blame for the speedy submersion – although locals had warned the driver he couldn’t park on Harbour Beach when he pulled up.

Bemused passersby were left in hysterics by the vehicle and mocked: "Sorry Sir, that's not the car wash” whilst another added: "Sat-nav told me this was the quickest way to Dawlish."

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