Tourists in stitches as man seen lying face-down snorkeling while woman paddles

A paddle boarder and her male counterpart have gone viral thanks to their hilarious take on snorkeling.

The side-splitting footage shows a woman paddling away as a man lies belly-down in front of her with his face submerged in the water.

He is perfectly happy to let his partner do all the work while he has a good snorkel.

Tourists at Rottnest Island near Perth, where the video was filmed, can be heard bursting into laughter at the scenes.

But the couple seem completely oblivious to just how funny they look and carry on with their task at hand.

The video was shared to Facebook group The Bell Tower Times yesterday (December 21) and has since attracted thousands of comments from amused viewers.

“When you don’t know how to swim but want to snorkel… brilliant,” one said.

Another joked: “Is this the male equivalent of a woman making their bloke be cameraman for their ‘impromptu’ Instagram photoshoot?”

A third added: “When you’re too cheap to pay for a trip on the glass bottomed boat.”

And someone else commented: “Totally hilarious and ridiculous….but at the same time such a good idea.”

But others had concerns about whether sharks could be lurking in the water.

In the past, great white sharks have been spotted in the same area.

Back in January, two spear-fisherman were charged at by the fearsome apex predator, with one telling a local site he had never seen such aggression.

More than 500,000 tourists head to Rottnest Island every year to enjoy the famous Aussie sunshine.

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