Tragedy of OnlyFans stars murdered with hammers and knives by jealous men

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The murder charges placed on disgraced OnlyFans model Courtney Clenney, 26, have thrown the murky corners of OnlyFans into sharp focus once more.

Courtney was arrested in Hawaii this week after her wounded boyfriend was found inside her Miami condo in April and later died of his stab wounds.

A second-degree murder charge has now been placed against Clenney.

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Indeed, though being a camera girl would appear glamorous and fun, there have been a number of terrifying and tragic incidents over the years that buck the trend.

In fact, in the last few years alone, four rising stars of the adult internet site have been found brutally murdered.

These are their tragic stories.

Anastasia Grishman

Earlier this week Russian authorities confirmed that OnlyFans star Anastasia Grishman, 26, had been found dead in her bath after being stabbed six times.

Her 24-year-old “boyfriend”, Dmitry Chernyshov, who also starred in her erotic videos, was today (August 10) detained by police after a manhunt.

Grishman – also prominent on TikTok – had a second career as a tattoo artist and was wildly popular on the platform where she posted content with her boyfriend.

Police found her body after they broke into her flat when a female friend raised the alarm.

Reports say the cause of death was “multiple stab wounds”.

She was known on TikTok, OnlyFans and adult sites by the name 'grshmn' and her content was viewed millions of times.

Mash media outlet, with close law enforcement contacts, said Chernyshov, from Omsk, was suspected of murder.

According to 112 telegram channel, he was previously convicted of theft and evasion of military service.

Kat West

In January 2018, up-and-coming OnlyFans star and mum Kat West was killed in her home by her jealous ex-Army husband Jeff.

42-year-old Kat juggled her racy career with being a stay-at-home mum and was recovering from breast implant surgery that she hoped would boost figures on her already successful pay-per-view channel.

The blonde would post sexy snaps on her social media to direct fans to her adult site, where for $15.99 a month they could see more revealing images.

On January 13th, a neighbour who was leaving home for work found Kat’s body in the street.

She was lying face down in the gutter wearing just her pink sports bra – and she had suffered a serious head injury.

During the lengthy court battle that followed, prosecutors argued that Jeff had been driven to violence through his jealousy of his wife's career.

On November 2020, after five hours of deliberation, a jury found Jeff not guilty of murder but guilty of reckless manslaughter.

He was sentenced to 16 years and recieved credit for the three years already served.

Melani Juarez

In January this year, the body of Melani Juarez, 21, was found in a guesthouse in Rosario, Argentina.

Melani was a dancer and earned a living through charging for erotic content she posted to OnlyFans.

Shockingly she had been stabbed 14 times and was discovered her head resting on the mattress of the bed.

A post-mortem found that she had defensive injuries in addition to the stab wounds.

Forensic specialists noted that in addition to the locked door, the window hadn't been forced open, all of the lights were switched off and the TV was on at full volume.

The only item that was missing from the scene was the young woman's mobile phone.

Cops later arrested a man, identified as 27-year-old Mathias Ezequiel Dominguez, who had been residing in the same guesthouse.

Carol Matesi

In March this year, the body of Italian OnlyFans and porn star Carol Matesi were found in horrific circumstances after she had been missing for months.

Carol's body parts were found by police in several bin bags on the side of the road on March 19 after being stored in a freezer.

The Italian mum-of-one's remains were dumped in Borno near Brescia, Italy where they began to thaw under the sun, months after she was last seen alive close to her Rescaldina home near Milan in January.

Carol's food blogger neighbour, Davide Fontana, told police he killed her with a hammer in an argument which broke out after sex.

The adult actress, who worked under the name of Charlotte Angie, was only identified after a fan of her erotic movies recognised her distinctive tattoos from images released by police.

Her ink included a ‘speckled leopard print’ on her upper right thigh, the words ‘step by step’ on her right leg and ‘wanderlust’ on her right shoulder.

The mum left behind her six-year-old-daughter and had been in a relationship with Fontana but split up prior to her death.

Food blogger Fontana has allegedly confessed to investigators that he killed Carol with a hammer after a row and tried to conceal her identity by burning her face and cutting up her body, which he filled multiple bin bags with and stuffed into his freezer.


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