Tragic case of Little Boy Lost strangled to death by dad and dumped in trolley

The devastating case of the 'little boy lost' who was strangled to death by his dad before being dumped in a shopping trolley will be retold in a new documentary.

Kirk Hammersley-Baker was only seven years old when his father cut his life brutally short with a lady's nylon scarf.

His dad Karl squeezed the life out of him before wrapping his body inside a duvet and squashing him into an Argos shopping trolley and then dumped his son in a dingy outhouse in Stoke.

The vile father then went on to 'entertain' two male lovers at his home while his son's body lay undiscovered a mere few metres away, writes StokeonTrentLive.

Kirk lived with his father after he turned four, after spending 18 months of his life with his grandmother Mavis Prince – described as possibly the happiest of his young years.

He was described as 'little boy lost' and deemed to be in a vulnerable position regardless of which parent he lived with by social services.

When Hammersley-Baker's 'stable relationship' ended with the woman he was seeing, he began dating men and would go on to be what has been described as a promiscuous homosexual.

Male lovers would visit the house, in Fletcher Road, Stoke, often, and Kirk was left to care for his own needs.

Hammersley-Baker would fail to pick him up from school, and once left him at his gran's on Christmas Eve without returning for three weeks.

Kirk's absence from school caused red flags, and it was three days later on Monday, March 22, when his body was found.

Police discovered the corpse as his colleagues searched the family home in an urgent search.

Hammersley-Baker had drugged Kirk, who suffered from epilepsy, with anti-depressant Prozac, before strangling him.

The care assistant had been prescribed the medication for his own use.

Kirk died in his own bed before his evil dad dumped him in the outhouse.

But Hammersley-Baker carried on as if nothing happened and even went to work and helped friends with chores in the garden.

He rang the school and lied over how the boy wouldn't be returning as he was living with family in the south of England.

But teachers were suspicious and rang police, who tracked Hammersley-Bakerat at work and questioned him.

When his lies were proving to unravel he began spurting more false stories about Kirk's disappearance, including saying he was kidnapped by two unknown men.

Despite knowing police were searching for his boy, he visited a gay club in Hanley and picked up a lover before heading home.

Hammersley-Baker tried to fix up a threesome but when he was turned down he instead had sex with a second man that night, on the same bed where he strangled Kirk the previous day.

The next day, after Hammersley-Baker was arrested, Kirk's body was found, and it emerged the murder occurred after he received a letter stating the boy's mother would be issued a residential order to care for him.

Hammersley-Baker was convicted of murder at Stafford Crown Court on February 10, 2000, and jailed for life.

Police who met him say he was one of the most evil men they've ever come across.

Officers said at the time: "He is a callous, wicked and very selfish man who took his son's life. It is amazing someone who worked as a care worker could show so little care for his own son.

"He selfishly decided that if he could not have his son then nobody else could.''

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