Tragic girl, 8, dies from rabies after being attacked by disease-ridden bats

Two young siblings have died just days apart from rabies after being bitten by a bat.

An eight-year-old girl from the remote mountain village of Palo de Lima in Mexico passed away on Saturday (January 7), with her seven-year-old brother dying on December 28.

The boy passed away at Doctor Aurelio Valdivieso General hospital in Oaxaca, where tests didn’t show that he had contracted rabies until after he had lost his fight with the deadly viral disease.

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A third child, their two year-old-sister, was also taken in for nine days of treatment but has now been released.

She is reported by the Mirror to have been bitten on the back by the same animal that bit her two older siblings.

All three are understood to have been bitten towards the start of December, with their grandfather getting them to hospital later in the month.

Regional officials have claimed that poverty was the factor that prevented the family from getting them there sooner.

Ignorance about the situation on the part of the family was also alleged, however in Mexico criticism of the available medical provision for remote parts of the country has been aimed at the system since the incident.

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In a statement, Oaxaca’s Health Service said: “The eight-year-old patient from the village of Palo de Lima in the municipality of San Lorenzo Texmelucan, who was receiving medical assistance at Doctor Aurelio Valdivieso Hospital, died on Saturday, January 7.

“She was admitted to hospital on December 21, 2022, with health problems after being bitten by a bat and was diagnosed as being in a serious state of health by experts who evaluated her.

“During her stay in the medical centre a group of multidisciplinary specialists were keeping a close eye on her evolution.

“However she suffered irreparable damage to her heath which resulted in her tragic death.”

Dogs and cats in Palo de Lima have since been vaccinated for rabies by medical officials from Oaxaca.

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