Trans paedo hunter who cut off her own testicles after shop worker murder

Christopher Hunnisett was a violent anti-paedophile vigilante who now goes by the name Crystal after apparently mutilating her own genitals behind bars.

She is currently serving a life sentence after battering a supermarket clerk with a hammer in a sickening murder.

The transgender woman said she murdered Peter Bick, 57, back in 2011 because it was her mission to rid the world of paedos.

However, Bick was found to be an innocent man who was killed after having sex with Hunnisett.

A new Sky Crime show called The Priest and the Paedophile Hunter explores the gruesome case.

Here, we take a look at the chaotic life of Hunnisett.

Hunnisett, from Hastings, East Sussex, became notorious aged just 17 after being found guilty of murdering a man.

The victim was Reverend Ronald Glazebrook who lost his life aged 81 in 2001.

He had been staying with Hunnisett in St Leonards on Sea, in East Sussex before his death.

Hunnisett asked a friend for help in getting rid of the vicar’s body before the victim’s severed head was found in a bag on a traffic island.

And just days later the torso of Glazebrook was discovered. It was then revealed in court that he had drowned in a bathtub before being dismembered.

Hunnisett was given an indefinite prison sentence with a minimum of 11 years – but the murder conviction was squashed eight years later.

Hunnisett claimed to have punched Glazebrook after the Reverend touched him in the bath.

The troubled vigilante then said he found him dead the following day.

But just four months after being released, Hunnisett struck in Bexhill, East Sussex, in January 2011.

Hunnisett was 28-years-old and slept with supermarket worker Peter Bick who was almost 30 years older.

Bick was then bludgeoned to death after being repeatedly whacked on the head with a hammer before he was strangled to death with a shoelace.

In 2012 Hunnisett was jailed for life with a minimum of 18 years after being found guilty of murder.

During the trial, it was revealed that there was no evidence to suggest Bick was a paedophile.

Hunnisett had tried to avoid a murder conviction by claiming a loss of control and diminished responsibility.

The killer then began identifying as a woman in 2015 before she butchered her own testicles in a botched DIY job.

She later said: “I have cut off my testicles and sliced the shaft of my penis in half.”

And in 2017 she claimed her rights as a transgender prisoner were being violated and she took a case to the High Court.

She complained that being kept in segregation at HMP Frankland, Durham, was a “lack of respect”.

Hunnisett argued that she was disadvantaged because she could not access the same education, work opportunities and visiting rights as her fellow lags.

But her judicial review was rejected after it was concluded that staff had not shown contempt towards transgender prisoners.

Earlier this year Hunnisett asked for an appeal against her conviction.

Her reasoning was that a psychotic illness made her believe Bick was a paedophile.

But this was also rejected and Hunnisett remains behind bars and won’t be eligible for release for at least another nine years.

The new two-part Sky documentary includes interviews with her ex-partner and also police investigators who worked on the complex case.

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