Trelise Cooper burglary: Two people arrested after burglary at designer’s Epsom premises

Two people have been arrested over a burglary of $500,000 in clothing from high-end fashion company Trelise Cooper.

A huge swag of clothes were taken in last month’s heist from the company’s commercial premise in Auckland’s Epsom.

Police today executed a search warrant in Central Auckland and arrested two people allegedly responsible.

Police also say Trelise Cooper will get back a lot of the clothes that were taken.

A man, aged 41, has been charged with burglary and a woman, aged 45, has been charged with receiving stolen property. They are due to appear in court tomorrow.

The high-end fashion company, owned by Dame Trelise Cooper, was stripped of about $500,000 worth of clothing in the burglary.

“One lonely hanger is all that’s left,” Cooper posted on social media after the incident.

“Over the weekend our styling room was burgled and our entire Spring ’21 and Summer ’21 sample collections for Trelise Cooper, Cooper, Coop and Curate were stolen – along with a number of our unique couture pieces. 1800 samples gone.

Cooper said the thieves broke into the styling room through a vent in an electrical room. They then emptied suitcases of shoes and left them strewn across the floor to use the suitcases to take the clothes.

“I feel violated. I feel bad for my staff. We have kind of taken it as a kick in the guts,” she said.

Cooper said one of the saving graces is she is working on a new collection and of the two stolen collections, the Spring one was being delivered to retailers and the Summer one is being manufactured.

Nevertheless, the two collections are a “working tool for us” and used for charity parades, events like the Melbourne Cup and Riccarton races, and magazine shoots.

“These garments are going to be difficult for someone to onsell. They are all size 8 and that is a lot of size 8 to flood a market,” said Cooper, saying the clothes do not have ‘care’ labels and not in stores yet, which makes them easily identifiable.

Cooper said it was the first time her head office in Epsom had been burgled in 25 years, although someone unsuccessfully tried to break into the building 14 years ago.

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