Tributes to mobility scooter murder victim who did not deserve this tragic end

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Neighbours have paid their respects to Thomas O'Halloran who was stabbed to death while out on his mobility scooter in Greenford, London, on Tuesday.

The grandfather was killed on his way to go busking outside of his local newsagents. He had built up a reputation for playing the accordion.

Police described the 87-year-old Irishman as a "very well known and a much-loved member" of the local community and a GoFundMe has been set up for the Clare man’s family.

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It reads: "Hello people, I am a neighbour and family friend of Thomas John O'Halloran who was 87 years of age and was brutally murdered (stabbed to death) on Tuesday the 16th of August 2022 in Greenford west London…

"Tom was a lovely man and well known in the Greenford area as he has lived here for many years, he was always polite, kind and funny and Still had plenty of life left in him.

"Many of you locally would have known Tom for playing instruments busking in train stations and around the Greenford area to feed his family and also to raise money for Ukraine.

"Tom fought for his country in World War 2 and then after became a caretaker of a rubbish dump for many years until he retired. Tom was a grandad and a dad and very much a family man hence the reason why he was out busking for his family in hard times. Tom did not deserve this tragic end to his life and as you can imagine has left his family devastated beyond belief.

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"So I am here trying to raise money for the family to help out with funeral cost and anything else they may need I hope that we can come together has a community and help is family in memory of Old Boy Tom so he can rest easy knowing is family are being taken care of and he gets the send off that he deserves."

In the early hours of Thursday a 44-year-old man was arrested in Southhall, west London.

He remains in custody.

Thomas made it 70 metres trying to escape the attack when a passing citizen came to help him.

Despite emergency services arriving shortly after, Thomas died not long after the attack.

You can donate to ‘old boy Tom’ here.


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