Trump comeback? Joe Bidens incompetence enough to bring Donald back into White House

Donald Trump condemns 'evil' attack in Afghanistan

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Former Donald Trump adviser George Papadopoulos argued that the 45th US President should be thankful for Joe Biden’s “incompetence”. While speaking to Dan Wootton on GB News, Mr Papadopoulos suggested Mr Trump could still command significant support without the use of social media. He noted that both President Biden and his vice-President Kamala Harris’ approval rating is on the decline.

This has most recently been influenced by the poor handling of the Afghanistan withdrawal and the rise of the Taliban.

Mr Wootton said: “We have had a really interesting question from Johnny, also via GB views.

“He asked, what chance does Trump have of getting elected given the same powers are in full control?

“Without social media etc, Trump walks any elections.

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“I think the point being made there is that actually now that social media is trying to control Trump, he is off Twitter, off Facebook, off Youtube, could that impact his chance of electoral success?”

Mr Papadopoulos replied: “I think Donald Trump is very fortunate that Joe Biden is such an incompetent leader.

“First off, Joe Biden’s approval rating is now at 42 percent.

“His vice-President, Kamala Haris, is the least popular vice-President of the last 50 years.

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“So whether Donald Trump is on Twitter, Facebook or posting pictures of himself on Instagram, I think the American public, both Democrats, Republicans and independents are viewing what conflagration that Joe Biden has ushered upon the world and America.

“That, in of itself, is more than enough to galvanise his supporters and hopefully get him back in office.”

Mr Trump’s political outfit has surged to life recently, with renewed attacks directed against Mr Biden.

Adverts, press statements, interviews, and private discussions between advisers suggest he is looking to surge back into the political limelight.

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Mr Trump has not made any commitments yet, and his advisers believe he is waiting for the ideal moment to launch a “turnkey” operation.

Jim Jordan, another Trump loyalist who represents Ohio from Congress’s lower chamber, said the “craziness in Afghanistan” is that opportunity.

But others believe he is waiting to boost Republican success in 2022.

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