Trumps Mar-a-Lago a spy target after nuclear file found, warns CIA expert

Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago golf resort, where FBI agents have found a sizeable cache of top secret documents that should never have been removed from the White House, would have been a major target for Russian spies, said a US intelligence expert.

Former CIA director John Brennan said that officials in the US security services would be “shaking their heads at what damage might have been done” by the ex-president’s casual approach to security.

“I’m sure Mar-a-Lago was being targeted by Russian intelligence and other intelligence services over the course of the last 18 or 20 months,” he told MSNBC.

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Brennan added: “If they were able to get individuals into that facility, and access those rooms where those documents were and made copies of those documents, that’s what they would do.”

The US Organised Crime and Corruption Reporting Project reported that a Russian-speaking imposter gained access to an event at Mar-a-Lago that was attended by the Trump family, and was even photographed with the former president.

There is no suggestion that Inna Yashchyshyn, the daughter of a Ukrainian truck driver who moved to Canada, was in the pay of Russian intelligence but the fact that she was able to pose as banking heiress "Anna de Rothschild” raises serious questions about Mar-a-Lago’s security.

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There have been questions asked about what other classified information Donald Trump may have taken home with him when he left the White House. Those questions have in turn given rise to wild conspiracy theories.

Prominent Democrat Party figure Jon Cooper suggested that there might be contraband hidden in Ivana Trump’s coffin – which was buried on Trump’s golf course in what some have interpreted as a tax dodge.

“Seriously, is else anyone wondering—just a bit—what other stuff may be buried inside Ivana’s casket on Trump’s golf course?” He tweeted.

American entrepreneur William LeGate added: “apparently, Trump had Ivana CREMATED… so what the hell was stuffed in that casket he had buried under his golf course?”

Finally, actress Nancy Lee Grahn, directly addressed the FBI’s Twitter account, asking: “May I recommend digging up Ivana?

“Clearly it didn’t take 10 pall bearers to carry a liposuction 73 year old who methinks was in her weight in classified docs.”


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