Two thugs who smoked and drank on WizzAir flight to Crete punched pilot

A Wizz Air flight descended into anarchy on Tuesday evening (May 10) after a bunch of boozy and aggressive Brits began to beat up the pilot.

The shocking incident happened shortly after the plane arrived in Crete, Greece at the conclusion of its journey from London Gatwick.

The violent passenger reportedly got angry after being told he would be escorted to the airport by police due to his bad behaviour on the flight.

After the pilot attempted to calm the man down, he and his friends set upon him causing the pilot to receive a hit.

The Sun reports that the men which caused the trouble are aged in their 30s and from Bermondsey in South London.

Dramatic video footage shows the moment the two thugs set upon the pilot while other passengers, including children, scream in fright.

Speaking to The Sun, a 37-year-old woman onboard detailed the angsty affair.

She said: “It was complete and utter chaos.

“It kicked off and he was just swinging punches as a group of guys tried to restrain him.

“The pilot came out and the guy hit him. He seemed okay but was understandably pretty shaken up. It was disgraceful."

Another eyewitness claimed that the men had been abusive to everyone on board and had boasted of drinking since 10am before they began smoking on the flight.

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A WizzAir spokesman said: “On Wizz Air flight W95741 from Gatwick – Chania, a passenger became unruly.

"The cabin crew handled the situation as they are trained to do and reported the incident to the respective authorities, who arrested the passenger on arrival.

"Wizz Air confirms that crew were asked to go to the airport police station to file the case, by which point the crew had legally reached their duty time limitation, and needed time to rest before the return flight to Gatwick.

"Unfortunately, this meant that flight W95742 from Chania – Gatwick had to be rescheduled. The flight departed at 16:10 local time.

"Wizz Air sincerely apologises for any inconvenience caused, but the safety of passengers and crew is the airline’s number one priority.”

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