UFO tears up the sky leaving bemused onlookers in awe of mystery object

People have been left stunned by an apparent UFO sighting in China after someone shared a clip of a mysterious object.

The uploader asked followers for their ideas on what it could be and the majority seem to think this could be potential extra terrestrial visitor.

The video in question is filmed at night over a body of water with the unidentified object flying across the sky.

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Illuminating the area, the object is bright white and leaves a trail behind it as it gets bigger. It has been said it looks like a tadpole but the strange object has been a source of wonder to many.

UFO enthusiasts were quick to identify the object as an other worldly visitor. This left some users scared, commenting: “Okay, can someone tell me what it is so that I can sleep tonight?”

A debate amongst commenters quickly commenced with some suggesting other causes for the appearance, some even saying the video was fake.

Regardless of the debate, social media users across the globe said that it was a beautiful scene.

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“That sunset must have been beautiful, but this was the cherry on top of the cake,” said once commenter.

“Wow” said another, with a trail of emojis.

A particularly frequent commenter was not so easily led by the sight, however, and seemed to have narrowed down the incident. In his eyes, there could only be two options for this strange spectacle and neither of them were aliens.

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“That’s a rocket launch, in the last second you can see first stage separation and second stage engine ignition. It could be some kind of ballistic missile test though.” He said.

Amongst the counter UFO arguments, missile tests seems the most popular. People are attempting to find out whether the body of water is perhaps located near an army base, which would explain the object.

Another user suggested perhaps a firework or just simply a trick of the light. Alien enthusiasts are still adamant that the rare sight was in fact aliens.

Perviously, a similar incident was reported by the Sky Eye radio telescope in China. The organisation reported an electromagnetic signal was detected. However, this report was mysteriously deleted just a day later. There was never a reason given for this.

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